Work Packages

Work Packages

Five research themes and one management theme have been identified at this time, although there is flexibility to re-organise or add additional themes as needed.

WP1: Economic growth and innovation

This work package will focus on identifying potential industrial and commercial partners in China for GW technology and expertise exploitation. Activities will include organising workshops where UK GW teams can showcase their technologies to potential industry partners in China. Leads: Junwei Cao, Des Gibson

WP2: Quality education and public outreach

This work package will, in collaboration with our Chinese partners, provide high-quality training for early-career researchers on the planning and delivery of outreach on gravitational-wave astronomy. We will develop resources suitable for both formal and informal learners. Leads: Martin Hendry, Zong-Hong Zhu

WP3: Big Data analysis and modelling

This work package will provide training on data analysis and numerical modelling that will have applications to gravitational wave research and beyond. Leads: Nils Andersson, Xilong Fan, Patrick Sutton

WP4: Ultra-high precision measurement technology and instrumentation

This work package will build the necessary skill base to develop/fabricate/install and innovate future detector technologies. It will also provide support to grow the necessary expertise for a future GW detector in China. Leads: Giles Hammond, Stuart Reid, Baoqing Sun

WP5: Space GW detectors

This work package will support PhD students and early career researchers from Chinese institutions working on space GW detectors to train in the UK in an effort to define the issues and specific needs for their project, thereby fostering long-term collaborative links between the UK and China. Leads: Tim Sumner, Alberto Vecchio, Zebing Zhou