Glasgow 1-3rd May 2019

Glasgow 1-3rd May 2019

Glasgow meeting

The second GrEAT face-to-face meeting between British and Chinese scientist was held in Glasgow. This meeting contribute to the links previously established at the first face-to-face meeting held in China, and will continue to serve as the base from which further discussions and collaborations will continue to be built upon.

Meeting will take place in the Kelvin Building at the University of Glasgow Room 257, commencing on the 1st of May at 9:00 am for details on location please go here.

The evening reception will be held at 6:15pm at the Sisters Kelvingrove restaurant:

The Sisters Kelvingrove 36 Kelvingrove Street, Glasgow G3 7RZ

The registration and talk forms can be accessed here.

The meeting will be held at the University of Glasgow. Agenda found here.

Information on nearby hotels can be found here.

For further details on the meeting please don’t hesitate in contacting Dr. Masso Reid and/or Prof. Siong Heng

  • Attendees
Institution Attendees
1. Beijing Normal University Liu Wei
2. Beijing Normal University Fan Zhang
3. Beijing Planetarium Jin Ma
4. Beijing Planetarium Yan Dai
5. Changchun University of science and technology Xiuhua Fu
6. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Xinchun Hu
7. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Dr. Yan Wang
8. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Prof. Zebing Zhou
9. Imperial College Prof. Tim Sumner
10. Sun Yat-sen University Prof. Yi-ming Hu
11. Tsinghua University Prof. Junwei Cao
12. Tsinghua University Dr. Haochen Hua
13. Tongji University Jinlong Zhang
14. University of Birmingham Dr. Haixing Miao
15. University of Glasgow Prof. Siong Heng
16. University of Glasgow Dr. Mariela Masso Reid
17. University of Glasgow Prof. Martin Hendry
18. University of Glasgow Hunter Gabbard
19. University of Glasgow Dr. Borja Sorazu
20. University of Glasgow Daniel Williams
21. University of Glasgow Dr. Peter Murray
22. University of Glasgow Prof. Martin Hendry
23. University of Strathclyde Prof. Stuart Reid
24. University of Portsmouth Dr. David Keitel
25. UWS Dr. Shigeng Song
26. UWS Prof. Des Gibson
27. Milde Marketing Susanne Milde
28. Milde Marketing Sascha Rieger
29. University of Glasgow Teng Zhang